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Skykings Football Academy, Bowenpally

Skykings Football Academy was founded in 2012 with a vision to provide an array of facilities to support the growing sports culture in the city of Hyderabad.

One of the top destinations in the city for Gym Workouts, Cardio, CrossFit, Circuit Training, Functional Training, Football and Tennis – all under one roof!

Our objective is to create an atmosphere of fun, learning, team spirit and competitiveness where children can grow into better players.

Our coaches are committed to providing a positive environment where sportsmanship is promoted, team spirit is highly valued and hard work rewarded. Coach acts more as a facilitator to spark interest towards the game and many owe their success to the coach’s styles and techniques which makes Skykings Football Academy a sort after choice for football lovers.

With the field length almost equal to a standard 80-yard football field and the academy having nine coaches looking after over 110 youngsters – everyone at Skykings Football Academy is getting great value for their money. A gorgeous level field with natural grass will give the same feel of a real game. Perfect for athletes and youngsters as the academy ensures that everyone receives the best possible coaching regardless of age.

With a mandate to implement a philosophy of “integrating mental and physical strength in players” and teaching youngster’s to understand the academy’s values, it appears Skykings approach is working remarkably well.

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