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About Us

TIGHTEND GLOBAL SPORTS is a Sport Incubator from Hyderabad, India. We aim to provide grassroot development programs in Football, Cricket, Taekwondo, Basketball, Archery and Skating. With more than 16 years of experience in this sector, we specialize in representing professional sports in Telangana State. We work rigorously in the analysis, organisation, planning and control of resources that finally result in benefits of sports aspirants, sports association, club or professional sports person.

Basketball Coaching at TightEnd

Experienced, passionate, and committed coaches strive to provide the utmost best potential grassroots development in basketball coaching by building the sport from the very beginning through a thorough understanding of goals and objectives in every aspect of training.


Compete against top tournaments throughout Hyderabad TightEnd sports hosts dozens of fast-paced, action-filled tournaments and events throughout the year. We provide excellent events of the highest quality for a competitive experience for all.


13:19 26 Jan 22
One of the best multi sports arena and they have specific coaching for Cricket Football Basketball Archery Skating overall good experience....
Nicholas FernandesNicholas Fernandes
17:10 12 Dec 21
One of the best multi sports arena and they have specific coaching also for Cricket Football Basketball Archery Skating Taekwondo overall good experience
Ediga NageswariEdiga Nageswari
16:37 12 Nov 21
Highly Recommendable..My daughter used to go this park for walk,jogging..And unfortunately she has driven everyone at home to this place.One fine day, we visited and that was ultimately was stun since it's been big change and arranged for the sports to every age group of ages.I always prefer to come in here whenever I feel leisure time to refresh mind
manjula edigamanjula ediga
12:58 12 Nov 21
Such a nice park and Sports that pertains to any form of competitive physical activity or game that aims to use, maintain or improve physical ability and skills while providing enjoyment to participants and, in some cases, entertainment to spectators. Sports can, through casual or organized participation.
anveshan reddyanveshan reddy
11:45 12 Nov 21
Great football court and related facilities here. They train students and organize tournament so that children are aware of competition. Good coaches and training.

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